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Soil and groundwater remediation

Established in 1992 this company has in the mean time gathered such an amount of experience in the field of soil and groundwater treatment that it can be seen as the authority in Europe. It is well qualified and experienced in;

     •     groundwater remediation,

     •     decontamination of polluted sites (like ‘brownfields’)

     •     construction and rehabilitation of landfills and

     •     treatment of dredging sludge.

Starting as a company specialized in soil and groundwater treatment, it gradually expanded into a company experienced in overall environmental technologies.

The integration of these various activities within the company enable to offer our clients a solution to every environmental problem, as diverse and complex as it may be. As a matter of fact, on several international occasions, this approach has proven to be a serious candidate for complex remediation and rehabilitation projects.

In order to further enhance its professionalism, we nowadays focus our efforts on European project opportunities with particular attention for those countries which recently joined the European Union or will soon become a member.

This company operates according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and VCA standards.

A solution to every environmental problem


soil and groundwater remediation and treatment

Years in Business:

Since 1992



Favorite Waste:

decontamination of polluted sites, construction and rehabilitation of landfills as well as treatment of dredging sludges

An impression

PLC-controlled soil

vapor extraction and

airsparging unit

Thermal desorption


Natural dewatering

technique - Lagooning

Placement of

HDPE liner

Milieu Environment

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