Besides being a modern industrial plant, this treatment company is responsible for rehabilitation of the old limestone quarries and for rebuilding the location to a safe and useful place. Local and national authorities have expressed the intention to rebuild the facilities for future recreational purposes. The local population consider the location to be a valuable recreation area, now and in the future.

Here annually around 500.000 tones of inorganic hazardous waste is immobilized. According to the in-house developed treatment method, inorganic hazardous waste is mixed with lime and gypsum and transformed into a chemically stable matrix. It is a pure form of recycling process; recycling sulphuric acid waste from the pigment industry mixed with fly ash coming for various incinerating companies produces a special type of gypsum.

This material absorbs heavy metals extremely well.

Treatment of various hazardous wastes !



Years in Business:

Since 1990



Favorite Waste:

Various types of Hazardous waste

An impression

North Crater

25 million m3 capacity

South Crater

In production per 2008

Storage capacity

especially for fly ash

Processing of waste

own water treatment

The stabilized gypsum is deposited below sea level in old limestone craters and thus the wounds after 100 years of mining are being healed!

Several years of monitoring the stabilized gypsum has verified that the high pressure within the gypsum deposit has resulted in the mineralization of heavy metals and a reduction of permeability.

This method also ensures a strong absorption of heavy metals and the high content of alkali in the gypsum.

Waste from demolition and contaminated soil may also be shipped to here, either directly by boat or truck. All waste received is thoroughly analyzed and tested for compatibility with the gypsum. Analysis and monitoring of process water and surplus surface water is made by the in house laboratory.

The industrial plant complies strictly with ISO 9001 and is also certified according to the EU EMAS-system. The organization consists of highly qualified personnel with a background a.o. in chemistry.

Milieu Environment

Adriaan Pauwlaan 2, 2101 AK Heemstede, The Netherlands


fax: +31 23 529 7142  mobile: +31 6 385 498 66

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